This is the debut of singer-songwriter Tennessee Teddy on to the world stage December 2018.   Listen as Teddy shares his uplifting songs of inspiration in his authentic style that flows from the heart.  Teddy has a catalog of originals never before released until now. If you find that you are touched by his music you will be pleased to find that each month there will be another song unveiled here on

        Teddy has become well known in Tennessee as a "Crooner";  and he has a way of hooking all those who hear him sing.  After hearing his sincere delivery of songs many listeners have asked him;  "Did you write that?"  They are always surprised to hear who had actually made each song famous. Teddy's taste in music has been shaped by such greats as Elvis Presley, Marty Robbins, Tom Jones, Barry Gibb, The Platters, and many many more.

       Lastly something about Tennessee Teddy the person in his own words.

"I've known what it was like to have; and I learned what is was like to lose it.  Those experiences are tough and you see that life isn't one dimensional forever.  But I have been fortunate enough to discover what it's like to be restored. In a situation where you have something of great value to you, then you lose it; all of sudden the value is multiplied. But when you get it back it has new meaning and you cherish it.  This has been my life for which I am eternally grateful to my Lord every hour of every day."



   Listen and download for free "American the Beautiful" 


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